There are many types of poker, most of them developed in the early ’90s.

We find names of all kinds: anaconda 96ace Malaysia poker, Cincinnati, Chicago, pineapple, Indian, strip poker, but among them, the most popular have remained,, and we can affirm that the jewel in the crown is Texas Hold’em poker.

After this, the most played poker variants are Omaha and 5-draw, which is classic or covered poker.

Texas hold’em

It is a very simple variety to play. Each one receives two cards – dealt by the dealer – decks that only he knows. Next, five common cards are dealt with that are left open and that each player can combine in his play.

Its rules are simple and in each game between 2 and 10 people participate. The objective is to have the best 5 cards out of the 7 distributed (the 2 you received in your hand plus the 5 community cards). And it is played in four stages – with a round of betting in each of them:

  • Deal: 2 cards face down each.
  • Flop: 3 community cards.
  • Turn: The 4th community card.
  • River: the 5th and last community card.

It is important to note that at a “With Limit” poker table, you can only bet limited amounts, while at a “No Limit” table or with a “Pot Limit”, you could increase your bet amount.

In this card game, action and strategy are served, and you will always find an available user to confront, regardless of their experience level. In such a way that Texas Hold’em Without Limit is the undisputed king of online poker. However, Pot Limit Omaha Hi is gaining more and more fans as it is more exciting than Hold’em.


Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em, but here you receive four covered cards. The rest of the game is exactly the same with the unique feature that you must use 2 of your 4 cards.

Since more cards are combined here, it is easier to get good hands. We recommend having self-control with the money you play at Omaha since at a moment you can earn a lot of money, but you can also lose it quickly.

5-draw or Covered Poker

It is classic poker. It is based on five covered cards per person and a discard of a maximum of four. The dealer deals five covered cards and a round of betting takes place. Once matched, each player can change the cards they want. Once all changes have been made, the second and final betting round is passed. The best combination wins. Here the strategy is simpler, you just have to observe how many cards the rest of the players change, but remember that they are also looking at you.

* Other types of poker

As we said at the beginning, there are many forms of poker but the three that we have explained here are the most common.